Regulations for short-term rental and reservation of premises

at PandO Apartments Group/OFFICEMEDIA S.C (hereinafter referred to as "P&O Apartments")

version 20180629

§1. General conditions

1. Minimum rental period:

a. Standard premises - the minimum rental period is 2 days. Renting for one day requires the consent of P&O Apartments, and in some cases is impossible due to arrangements with the owners of the premises. In the case of renting for one day, an additional fee may be added.

b. Premises with a large area (from 80 square meters) - the minimum rental period is 3 days.

c. Premises/villas for holidays - the minimum rental period is 7 days.

2. Age restriction:

Reservations can be made only by adults (over 18 years of age), who hold a valid photo ID (passport, driving license, ID card).

3. Mandatory returnable deposit and fees or penalties for using the premises in a manner inconsistent with the regulations:

a. A mandatory refundable deposit, paid in cash or by credit card, is payable on arrival or before. The deposit is returned after the tenant leaves the premises and after checking the condition of the premises by P&O Apartments.

b. If the deposit is paid in cash, the return will be made by bank transfer within 7 days after the tenant has left the premises. In the case of credit card payments, funds are blocked on the tenant's bank account for a period of 10 working days. Release of the funds is automatic.

c. P&O Apartments shall not be liable for any delays in registration of a deposit refund or unblocking of funds on the tenant's bank account occurred during transaction processing by financial institutions (banks).

d. The amount of the deposit is calculated individually for each apartment.

e. The deposit is a security for P&O Apartments and may be retained if it is necessary to cover the costs of damage caused by the tenant while using the premises. This applies to both damage to the equipment of the premises, as well as fees associated with improper use of the premises or fees or penalties related to breaking any point of the regulations.

f. In the event of damages or charges or penalties exceeding the value of the deposit, the lessee undertakes to cover all claims of P&O Apartments and agrees to charge his credit card with the amount corresponding to the value of damages, fees or penalties.

g. P&O Apartments reserves the right to claim compensation separately above the value of the damages and fees covered above or claiming supplementary compensation, based on the general principles of the Civil Code, if the damage exceeds the value of the returnable deposit or other non-quantifiable damages when they are liquidated or incurring non-pecuniary damage, in particular lost profits.

h. Tenants agree to the valuation of damages and fees made by P&O Apartments and undertake not to raise any objections to the valuation of damages and fees.

4. Confirmed apartment reservation:

a. In order to book a flat, a deposit of at least 20% of the value of the flat's rent must be paid in advance. The amount of the minimum down payment may be higher and it is always given by P&O Apartments before making the booking.

b. Payments can be made by bank transfer, by credit card or by on-line payment. If you make a reservation at the P&O Apartments office, you can pay in cash.

c. The value of the down payment is given by P&O Apartments at the time of booking and is individual for each apartment.

5. Pre-booking of the premises:

a. It is possible to make an initial reservation (not paid with an advance payment) for a period of 3 hours. During this time, advance payment should be made. Exceeding the preliminary reservation time without making an advance payment means its overdue and restoring the availability of the premises in the booking system.

b. In order to extend the time of the initial booking, please contact our reservation department (tel.: +48 22 636 86 99 or e-mail:

c. For companies booking the premises, it is possible to extend the pre-booking period and issue a pro-forma invoice (if it is needed for them to make an advance payment).

6. Prices of services:

a. Prices of services are gross prices for both individuals and companies. The prices include 8% VAT.

b. The price consists of the fee for the accommodation service and the final cleaning fee.

c. Media (Internet, water, gas, electricity) are included in the rental price.

d. When renting for other purposes than accommodation, we add 23% VAT to the net prices.

7. Optional services - paid additionally:

a. Pet fee - is calculated individually depending on the reserved apartment.

b. Exchange of bed linen and towels during the stay.

c. Additional cleaning during the stay.

d. Breakfast.

e. Romantic or welcome package.

f. Additional payment for arrivals and key collection outside the opening hours of the P&O Apartments office.

g. Delivery of the keys directly to the premises.

h. Airport transfer (to/from the airport).

i. Accommodation before 16:00 (early arrival).

j. Leaving the premises on the day of departure after 11:00 (late departure).

§2. Handing over and passing the premises

1. Receipt of keys:

a. guests check-in on their own - keys are collected and returned in lock-boxes, which are disinfected on a regular basis (all necessary details are provided upfront) Also Key collection takes place at the office at 4 Antonia Corazziego Street, office space no. 8, 00-087 Warsaw (office hours 8:00-20:00 from Monday to Friday and 9:00-20:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).

b. Check-in in the apartment is based on the presentation of a valid photo ID (ID card, passport or driving license) and reservation number.

c. The transfer of the keys to the premises will take place only after the tenant has paid the current and past due payments and after paying the returnable deposit.

d. If necessary, for an additional fee, it is possible to collect keys at the address of the premises. For this purpose, it is required to settle the total amount of the rental (including the returnable deposit) before coming to the premises. You should also contact the P&O Apartments office to confirm the date and time of your arrival.

e. If it is necessary to check-in and collect keys outside the office's working hours, please contact the P&O Apartments office to arrange for the keys to be issued at other times - at an additional cost.

f. For some apartments, it is possible to collect keys directly in the reserved apartment, without the need to visit the P&O Apartments office. This applies to premises where safes for key storage are installed. The use of such a possibility requires payment of the entire reservation and deposit costs in advance.

2. Time of accommodation:

a. Check-in: from 16:00 to 22:00.

b. Check-out: until 11:00.

c. For an additional PLN 120, there is the possibility of both check-in and check-out outside the set hours. For this purpose, please contact our office.

§3. Shortening, extending the stay or canceling the reservation

1. Shortening the stay:

In the case of shortening the rental period, the fee for the unused period is not refunded.

2. Extending the stay:

a. The wish to extend the stay beyond the indicated period, the tenant should notify the representative of the P&O Apartments office by 17:00 on the day before leaving the apartment.

b. P&O Apartments may refuse to allow the lessee to leave the premises later.

3. Extending the stay beyond the indicated check-out time is payable:

a. An extension of stay until 15:00 costs 50% of the daily price of the premises (no discounts).

b. An extension of stay above 15:00 costs the full price for the next day.

4. Cancellation of the reservation:

a. If it is 21 days before the date of arrival - it is free of charge.

b. If it is up to 14 days before arrival - it results in the lessee being charged 30% of the booking value.

c. If it occurs up to 7 days before arrival - it results in the lessee being charged 50% of the reservation value.

d. If less than 7 days before arrival, the lessee is charged 100% of the booking value.

e. No arrival and no cancellation of the booking - resulting in the lessee being charged 100% of the booking value.

§4. Regulations for the use of premises and the responsibility of tenants

a. In the case where any third party would object against P&O Apartments with any claim or claim related to bodily injury, health disorder or death of any person who was at the time in the rented premises, or would take other actions towards P&O Apartments in order to hold her liable for the above-mentioned - the tenants undertake to satisfy these claims and meet the request of such a third party or release P&O Apartments from the obligation to provide these benefits.

b. Tenants will be liable for any damage or destruction caused on their behalf or on behalf of any other persons/entities staying on the premises. The tenants undertake that in the event that any third party would object against P&O Apartments with a claim or request for compensation or damage on behalf of such person or any other persons/entities, the tenants will satisfy claims, meet the demands of such a third party or release P&O Apartments from the obligation to provide this.

c. The Lessee is obliged to notify P&O Apartments of any damage immediately after they have been identified (tel.: +4822 2906221 or email:

d. In justified cases, the guests undertake to provide the premises to P&O Apartments at any time, after prior notice by the service.

e. The Lessee cannot transfer the premises for use by third parties.

f. Only the number of people registered at the time of booking can stay overnight, but not more than was given in the official offer.

g. The apartment is subject to curfew (quiet hours) from 22:00 to 7:00 in the morning. A disturbance to the night-time silence may result in the tenant being charged an additional fee of up to PLN 2,500.

h. It is not allowed to organize parties, special events, loud listening to music or behavior disturbing the peace of other tenants in the building. If the tenant breaks any of the above mentioned prohibitions, the tenant may be charged an additional fee of up to PLN 2,500. Regardless of the additional charge, P&O Apartments may at any time cease to provide further services of lease of the premises where the tenant has violated the regulations. In such a situation, the Lessee undertakes to immediately leave the premises, and P&O Apartments will terminate the lease agreement for the tenant's fault, without the need to refund the unused period of the booking.

i. Without the written consent of P&O Apartments, the premises cannot be used for commercial purposes, photo sessions, video recordings, etc.

j. If the apartment is used for commercial purposes, a fee of PLN 7,000 applies for each day of rental.

k. Business or other activities, in particular those related to the reception of clients, are not allowed in the premises.

l. It is allowed to organize discreet business meetings in premises, unless there are signs of using the premises to conduct activities related to the reception of clients.

m. The Lessee may not make any alterations or any changes to the premises.

n. The Lessee undertakes to use the premises and the equipment provided with it in a manner consistent with its intended use.

o. The property is completely non-smoking.

p. In case of breaking the entire ban on smoking, the lessee will have to pay a fine of PLN 900 

r. In the case of loss or destruction of the keys to the premises, the lessee is obliged to pay an appropriate fee related to repairing the damage. The fee will be provided by P&O Apartments.

s. The tenant cannot independently make keys to the premises or exchange the locks.

t. The Lessee is obliged to take care and protect against damage or devastation of parts of the building intended for common use, such as stairwells, corridor and other utility rooms, as well as the surroundings of the building.

u. The Lessee undertakes to use the housing estate infrastructure in accordance with its purpose, and in particular to: care for greenery, not to pollute sidewalks, streets and lawns.

w. In matters not covered by these regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.


§5. Rights, obligations, liability of P&O Apartments

a. Please be advised that P&O Apartments is making every effort to monitor and update the description of the premises equipment as well as its condition and performs activities to maintain their standard.

b. P&O Apartments is not responsible for changes in the condition of the property, equipment, its standard, for which it has no direct influence or control.

c. P&O Apartments does not bear any responsibility for injuries, health disorder, personal injury, illness, death of guests and their visitors during the duration of the lease.

d. P&O Apartments is not responsible for any material damage to guests and additional costs or inconveniences caused during stay in the apartment, or a relationship with staying in it, resulting from the condition of the apartment, electrical installation, plumbing, atmospheric conditions or negligence by the property owner. In particular, P&O Apartments shall not be liable to the tenant as referred to in art. 846-852 of the Civil Code.

e. P&O Apartments is not liable for loss or damage of money, securities, valuables or other objects of scientific or artistic value.

f. P&O Apartments reserves the right to change the reserved premises, to a similar or higher standard, in a similar location, at the same price.

g. P&O Apartments is obliged to provide conditions for full and unrestricted stay of guests in the premises, based only on pre-established conditions.

§6. Complaints

a. Complaints can be submitted via e-mail at: or by post to OfficeMedia s.c, 00-087 Warsaw, ul. Antonia Corazziego, lok. U8.

b. The complaint should contain the guest's name and surname, the address of the apartment and the reservation number concerned.

c. P&O Apartments has 30 days to respond to a complaint.

§.7 Personal data protection

a. When making a reservation on our websites or partner websites, the customer agrees to the processing of his personal data.

b. The customer has the right to inspect, delete and block his personal data, as well as to update them.

c. P&O Apartments respects the privacy of their clients and undertakes to store information about them in a safe and responsible manner.

d. When making reservation of accommodation services, the tenant is asked to provide his personal data necessary to make the reservation and subsequent identification for the purpose of contract performance and to seek any claims under the contract between the tenant and P&O Apartments.

e. Before commencement of the stay, the tenant fills out the registration form, in which he is asked to provide his/her name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

f. Tenants who want to receive marketing information may enter their e-mail address by ticking the appropriate box in the registration form.

g. Personal data may be collected by P&O Apartments also in situations where it is necessary for the implementation of a specific purpose compliant with the law.

h. Personal data can also be processed by P&O Apartments for marketing purposes, own services and products.

i. Personal data is stored only for the period necessary to achieve the objectives arising from the above provisions and the law.

j. P&O Apartments also undertakes not to transfer personal data to countries not covered by Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the European Council of October 24, 1995 and to process data in a manner consistent with applicable law. A deviation from these rules will only be the consent expressed by the user.

k. Only persons authorized by the Administrator and persons servicing P&O Apartments' websites and partner websites have access to personal data provided by customers and service users. These people are required to keep the data strictly confidential.

l. The user also has the right at any time to fully or partially withdraw consent to the processing of his data in the future. You can do this by e-mail at or by post to OfficeMedia s.c, 00-087 Warsaw, ul. Antonia Corazziego, lok. U8.