Dear Visitors,

It is known that Warsaw is a beautiful city with an unforgettable atmosphere. A stay in P&O Apartments will help you to feel as a part of the great “organism”, which our city constitutes. As our goal is to meet your needs, we would like to offer you a next facility which you can use during your stay in our apartments in Warsaw.
Coming to Warsaw in business or as a tourist by bus, train, plane? Yet, you are energetic and you plan a dynamic visit and you would like to see as much as possible not only in Warsaw, but also some other parts of  Poland? Is Warsaw a foreign place to you and you would like to feel safe and comfortable during your stay in the capital of Poland? Coming to work, training or in business? You don’t have a car and using the public transport limits you? We have the perfect solution for you: short term car rentals. In our offer you will find only reliable cars with full insurance and service; we have small cars perfect for driving in the city, and big, comfortable, and at the same time frugal limousines. We also have a variety of additional services, that are individually discussed with a client. P&O Apartments crew is ready to answer your questions and help whenever a need occurs.
Please have a look at our price list and at cars we offer.

We hope our proposition will satisfy your needs. In order to get more information, please contact us at:, or call: +48 513 103 341, +48 508 135 995.

We hope you will have a wonderful time travelling.

P&O Apartments

- segment B - Skoda Fabia - 130 PLN/day; from 4 days: 120 PLN; from 10 days: 110 PLN
- segment C - Opel Astra , Skoda Octavia - 150 PLN/day; from 4 days: 140 PLN; from 10 days: 130 PLN
Cosing damage: 1000 PLN, abolition: 35 PLN/day.
Payment with credit card in order to verify a client, deposit: 500 PLN.
Delivering and returning a car during the office working hours in Warsaw for our clients is gratis. After the office hours: 25 PLN.

online reservation: