Dear Guests

We are a company specializing in short-term letting of apartments.

We manage apartments in Warsaw and Krakow (Poland), Manchester (UK) and Costa del Sol (Spain).

We also offer properties for sale in Spain . For more information please visit our websites

We have considerable experience in the lettings market and understand how much our services are appreciated by companies and individuals, for both holidays and business.

Short-term rental is an attractive alternative to staying in hotels.  Renting a good apartment is much cheaper than staying in an equivalent hotel and is often more comfortable.

Our selection offers a wide range of accommodation, from compact and comfortable standard (**) and standard plus (***) apartments to luxury (****) apartments of the highest quality.

This allows us to offer accommodation that best suits your needs and your budget for each trip.

Our aim is to make you feel at home on your travels. We ensure that the apartments are safe and clean, meet European standards of comfort and amenity, and are completely ready for you on your arrival.

Short term letting Apartments Warsaw & Krakow Poland

In Warsaw, we have more than 130 apartments across the city, ensuring easy access to all major attractions, including the most beautiful landmarks, theatres and restaurants.

All apartments in Warsaw are directly administrated and controlled by us. We offer real estate for short term letting in Warsaw, it is possible to book all of the apartments online 24 hours a day.  We have a variety of apartments for short term letting that are located in the Warsaw city center, from comfortable and cosy ones to luxurious apartments of the highest standard. This variety allows our clients to find an apartment that is the most suitable for their needs and budget. Thanks to us, when our clients are far away from their own place, they are able to feel at home. Further, our apartments are safe, clean, always ready for a client’s arrival, also, they fit Western European standards. What is more, renting an apartment turns out to be much more cheaper than staying at a hotel, and it is for sure much more comfortable.
Our apartments’ location guarantees easy access to all Warsaw’s greatest attractions: the most beautiful land marks, museums, theatres and restaurants. Also, the surroundings is nice, what allows our guests to rest after a thrilling day.
We understand our guests’ needs and our services are at the highest level, which corresponds to all of our guests’ requirements. We know that a hotel room is not enough to make a stay in a foreign city fully comfortable. We would like to show you the other side of the city of Warsaw and make your journey memorable.
We are confident that once you chose P&O Apartments services, you will come to stay with us again. Welcome!
It is cheaper to stay with us than in a hotel. Our apartments are the best solution for people who value peace, independence and privacy.

Offer for owners of apartments in  Warsaw
If you own an apartment of a high standard in Warsaw city center, and you would like to make it available for renting, and at the same time have to possibility to stay in the apartment, provided that you give us the dates beforehand, we are open to cooperation. You can find more information on the website "owners".

We run a family business, and for a few years now we put our own real estate to rent. We ourselves travel much, so we perfectly know not only the advantages, but also the disadvantages of staying in hotels. Especially, if we plan to stay for more than a couple of days or simply we want to have a peaceful and silent night. Thereby, if you care for a calm and laidback visit, our apartments are a perfect choice for you. Short term letting market is doing well in most big cities of Europe.


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