Photos & Video

Professional quality imagery provides the all-important first impression and is essential for attracting attention, enquiries and sales. Our photographers and video producers use the best professional equipment, including ‘Full- Frame’ cameras. Working alongside a Styling & Staging design and decoration assistant, they capture exceptional photos and videos that stand out and sell.

A VIDEO TOUR is a 90-second virtual visit of your property. It is a wonderful way to see the general layout and each of the rooms as well as to gain an overall impression of the property. Along with a floor plan, photos and text, a VIDEO TOUR is the icing on the cake when selling!


You never, ever, get a second chance to make a first impression! The importance of high quality photos when selling properties is indisputable.In fact, scientific studies show that the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

Our photographers are professionals, trained to do a flawless job. Working with stylists and home stagers, they put in every effort to achieve the picture-perfect result.

Home Staging

Staging is a strategic marketing tool designed to show a property in its best possible light. Small touches combined with rearranging your existing furniture and removing unnecessary pieces can create a desirable space which buyers can imagine themselves living in and want to purchase


2D & 3D Floor Plans

These are vital in showing the distribution of space within the property as well as providing accurate dimensions and the orientation of each room—highly important information for any buyer. We employ appropriate advanced software to develop an attractive design that details the most important aspects for the viewer.


Floor plans are the most basic requirement when presenting a property and are necessary for an accurate description of the home, including its true measurements and orientation. This is vital information for any buyer and it is unthinkable that a potential purchaser may travel thousands of kilometres to see a property without first having seen a professional 2D floor plan.


Produced in four colours and with your choice of showcasing rooms furnished or unfurnished, these elegant and attractive plans that show every important detail are made using the latest design software. They are now a ‘must have’ when selling property—sales are shown to increase when a 3D floor plan is employed.


Descriptive texts

Texts of more than 300 words to describe your property are now considered essential for good Google search engine ranking. Such texts must be grammatically correct and should be used in conjunction with our other sales tools for maximum effect. They should be engaging and also contain relevant keywords to drive your property website’s SEO. It is important that your property descriptions not only describe the home in an accurate and easy to follow way but also excite prospective clients by showcasing its main attractions and unique selling points. Correctly key worded texts also increase the SEO and Google ranking capacity of your website and saves you time

Social Media Management

When used for businesses, follows a clear strategy incorporating your tone of voice and communicates effectively with your target audience, while at the same time supporting your online marketing. Our specialised creative teams produce fresh, engaging posts and take the hassle away from busy real estate professionals.

Property Blogs

A property blog provides a regularly updated source of relevant content and stream of keywords that empowers the SEO of your website and provides useful information for optimal CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Photos taken by owners and property agents cannot be compared with the results our photographers achieve. A professional photo shot with a ‘full frame’ camera, appropriate lighting and the right decoration is the one and only way to go.