P&O Apartments provides an elegant solution. Enjoy your property as and when you wish. When you are not using it, we let it out as holiday or corporate accommodation (to carefully vetted clients). We provide a comprehensive property management solution, covering all aspects of this business.

We can also provide a standard property management solution, without using your property for short term lets.

Return to an Immaculate Property, Prepped and Primed for Your Arrival

Instead of returning to a dusty, stuffy house, P&O Apartments will see to it that you property is in perfect condition, and perfectly cleaned prior to your arrival. We will open the windows and clear out the house on your arrival day. We can also offer services such as pre-stocking your kitchen and wine cellar.


We have the pleasure to present the offer technical and administrative management of apartments intended for hotel rental. .

Our offer is addressed to companies who are renting apartments, and the persons / companies wishing to invest in real estate for rental.

As a company with over 14 years of experience in renting short-term, we know the needs of customers who are using our services and our competitors, so we developed standards of real estate services, removing that obligation from you. Knowledge of the market allows us to advise on the choice of location, size of the property, after determining the standard to provide you with the estimated revenue from short-term rental..

Having in its database the largest number of apartments for use among the companies on the Warsaw market, we believe that we are the best, which offers comprehensive services: preparation of real estate for rent hotel (supervising renovations, furnishing and homestaging with a professional photo session), then the administration and real estate services in the field of technical and procedural matters and support book and customers..

Below we present the scope of technical-order with price list for these services..


Check-in, Check-out- 50-60 eur depends of localization and system chck in


Meet & Great- 80-100 eur + products shoping >>>


Housekeeping service.


Housekeeping provides services to a high standard, with great attention to detail, taking into account all the requirements of our customers..

We provide a high level thanks to the carefully selected staff, which in addition to good manners, has needed work experience in the hotel roomservice.

Starting in 2016, our service uses the German, known for high-quality environmental cleaning agents, with certificates and a guarantee of quality::


The scope of activities Service Order:

  • Changing dirty linen and distribution of clean sheets, hygienic materials, advertising materials, soap and shampoo to the apartments
  • Checking the equipment and operation of equipment
  • Water- cleaning, clean mops, vacuum cleaner bags as well as the maintenance and replenishment of losses of equipment for cleaning



    Kitchen equipment:

    • Washing the oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, hood, washing machine - inside and out
    • Wash and check the status of quantitative dishes and cutlery
    • Wash container cutlery
    • Wash cabinets and drawers
    • Things that are wrong, what is missing or is in a state other than the original,should be reported,
      • taking out the garbage
      • Check dirt under the sink


Living area :

      • washing balcony
      • Vacuuming floors, furniture and the space under furniture
      • Upholstery Cleaning
      • Washing hanging lamps and standing
      • washing floors
      • Wash doors and frames
      • Wash the shelves and drawers
      • washing radiator
      • Washing windows, frames and windowsills
      • Check the cleanliness and replacement pads for mattresses, pillows, quilts



Bathroom / Toilet / Shower:

      • Cleaning and disinfection of batteries and toilets
      • Cleaning glass surfaces and mirrors
      • removing mold
      • Disinfecting toilet seat special preparation
      • Washing machine and a container for washing powder


At the end:

      • Beds made by the installation standards
      • Laying decorative pillows, curtains and draperies
      • Placement of furniture according to its original state
      • Changing towels
      • Cleaning and decontamination pilots and battery replacement
      • The general state of the apartment and checked the inventory of equipment
      • ventilate the apartment
      • watering flowers
      • Verification of household appliances
      • Turning off the underfloor heating and the reduction of central heating at minimum


Works periodical:


      • Window Cleaning 4 times a year and in the case of visible dirt
      • cleaning fans
      • Descaling kettles and coffee machines
      • Defrost freezers, refrigerators disinfection
      • descaling battery
      • siliconing


The offer price

The proposed cost of the service include:

- 40  eur net one-time cleaning up the apartment to 50m²:,

- 50 eur net one-time cleaning up the apartment of 50m² to 80m²,

- 70 eur net one-time cleaning up the apartment of 90m² to 150m².

- loundry - 2 eur /kg + transport

Dry carpet, sofas, chairs, mattress for dirt - 150.00 zł net cost of the intervention (the possibility of the service from day to day).

For the above net price must be added VAT due in the amount of 23%.

Check-in, Check-out

- 50-60 euro depends of localization and system chck in


Meet & Great

- 80-100 eur + products shoping >>>



If you rent your own property, we can take the responsibility of caring for customers and to maintain the apartment in good condition as well as organizing the cleaning and linen change. Property management is performed by a fixed annual fee depending on location and area of the property.

BAISIC SERVICE : · Unauthorized entry, infestation, water leakage .

· Check if the alarm system, gas, water, electricity is working.

· Airing your property, flush toilets and sinks to avoid unwanted smells.


Apartment :

· 1 bedroom 100 € / month

· 2 bedrooms 150 € / month

· 3 bedrooms 200 € / month

· 4 bedrooms 250 € / month

(10% discount if contracted the whole year and for our rental clients)