For your convenience and to make your residence even more pleasant, we create a Concierge Warsaw Services dedicated to Guests, who appreciate time-saving and high quality service with a minimum of formalities.


As part of Concierge Warsaw Services we offer:

  • Shopping services to your apartment: when you arrive, ordered shopping is already in your apartment. During booking the apartment, please order the services and provide a shopping list.
  • The laundry and ironing service.
  • Booking a table at any restaurants.
  • Booking a ticket to the theater, the opera, the Philharmonic or for other cultural events.
  • We can help you with planning your residence, recommend places to visit in this vicinity, advise in the selection of the most interesting cultural events, including performances, exhibitions and musical events.
  • Considering the culinary preferences of our Guests, we help to choose the best restaurants.
  • Possibility of ordering the taxi and rent a car.
  • Planning travel also around the country.



There are 3 packages of Concierge Warsaw Services:

Standard - This package includes specially prepared for the duration of your residence, information on getting around Warsaw. The information will include recomended places to visit in this vicinity, as well as distinctive places in Warsaw, which enable  in a short time effectively navigate the city.

The package further comprises: an one booking a table at any restaurant and an one booking a ticket to the theater, the cinema or the Philharmonic during your residence, and information on the most interesting cultural events. Price of the package: 150 PLN


Silver - This package contains the Standard package and further includes: a shopping services to your aparment, booking tickets and booking a table at any restaurants without limitation, the laundry and ironing services, ordering the taxi services and car rental services.

Price of package: 299 PLN


Gold - This package is dedicated to the Guests who appreciate time-saving and convenience. The Gold package contains the Silver package and further includes: planning travel also around the country, shopping at the luxury boutiques, VIP lodge reservations in the most famous clubs, as well as two special orders during your residence.

Price of the package: 599 PLN

 check-in service in the apartment - 100 pln

Packages prices do not include costs arising from the receipts and invoices for the services.